Exhaustified ride, step aside my…

A 12 hour drive from Tallahassee to Richmond. Ugh. It was nice to see Val’s sister perform at FSU, but I never expected to be this wiped out upon my return. I’ll try to get my pictures up on at least Flickr by this evening – there aren’t many, but man does that new camera shine. Super sharp pictures.

In other news:

Tonight I formally apply for the mortgage – I still don’t have a house picked out yet, but this will be one more step out of the way.

Tomorrow, my buddy William will come with me to look at the awesome Seminary Avenue house again. He has a Class A contractor’s license, I believe, and should have a much more critical eye than I.

My brother Mugs has turned into nearly as much a computer nerd as I already am; he’s preparing to install Linux on his laptop so he can continue swimming in the ocean of Open Source software available. Not what you typically expect of a fellow concentrating in creative writing.

Oh yeah, go check out Yahoo’s new map system – it may actually give Google a run for its money (although Google still has simplicity going for it).

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