Out with the old…

So I haven’t posted any new pictures of the houses I looked at because I couldn’t take any pictures.

See, my digicam busted in the most annoying way possible…The shutter button doesn’t work anymore. I can do everything with my camera except take a picture.

I can’t be too upset, however, because my mom won the camera in a contest and gave it to me free of charge.

So tonight, I just purchased a brand new camera – the Nikon P4. I’ll be playing around with it this weekend on my trip down to Tallahassee, so I should have some new pictures at least for Flickr next week.

One thought on “Out with the old…

  1. You are perhaps…the world’s most accomplished cheap hooker….and I am glad to call you my friend…..not my hooker..flickr hooker oh and just so everyone knows…the C in danielcwarshaw.com stand for COURTNEY…haha you nancy….I wuv you

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