A little too east for my taste

So Val and I saw three homes last night, and it was interesting, informative, and er, intertaining. Figure that one out.

I can’t get the pictures up here at work, so I’ll try to put up some PNGs this evening from home.

Anyway, here’s a summary of the experience!

House 1: Intersection of Montrose and Laburnum…ugh, groty neighborhood and home exterior. Clearly the inside has been sufficiently renovated in an extreme attempt to distract from the dismal locale. Ultimately, no thanks.

House 2: Overbrook Rd, accross the street from where the Kirks used to live. Pleasant façade, but inside was ick-tacular. Needs enough work that it’s not worth it, even at the discount. Besides, I’m not sure our bed room furniture could fit in any one of the bed rooms upstairs.

House 3: Church Hill, N. 31st St. Wow. Totally re-done inside and out. I was iffy about Church Hill at first, but after driving through to this house yesterday, I’d definitely be willing to live out there.

So that’s round one, as it were (I don’t really count the open houses last Sunday). Can’t wait to see more!

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