Tempus fugit.

Yesterday I had the longest day of work in my life. 14.25 hours, to be exact. I had to stay late to fix a problem I discovered, and it had to be fixed before midnight for reasons which would take too long to explain.

I was there until 10:15 pm.

I marveled at how quickly the extra 5.75 hours went by, especially considering the work I was doing was tedious. I guess time not only flies when you’re having fun, but also when you feel the hours you should be spending at home robbed from you without your control.

It didn’t really help that I came to work this morning to discover the client had changed its mind, rendering all my work useless.


You know, as a final note, I realize that the last several posts of mine have been rather rant-ish/negative, and that’s not generally my nature. I think I’ll try to expound on some more positive events in my life over the next few weeks.

Oh, and go read my brother’s poetry, right now.

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