Listen to the Neil Young song, “Like a Hurricane,” and tell me it’s great. Then I’ll laugh at you until I’m hoarse.

That must have been one of the crappiest songs I’ve heard in 5 years.

3 thoughts on “Neil.

  1. I think that he should change his group from “Neil Young and Crazy Horse” to “Neil Young: Crazy Horse.” I don’t like his kind.

  2. Brian has bad breath…He’s been rading the leftover host at church again…ooohhh….don’t you see….I see your sweaty brow pole boy….there is no escaping my Bendedictine JUSTICE!

  3. One more thing. Neil Young rules! Horse with no name and Heart of God are anthems and he will be cantonized. The Gospel of Neil will be written. How can you knock a Rock star who sings about riding in his Aerostar. You have much to learn my children….Bless you…Bless you both

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