Well, for the 3 people on the whole of the ‘Net who’ve read my past several posts (Rome excluded), you’re probably wondering what that was all about. So I’ll explain it to you, as dryly as possible (for added effect).

When I was in high school, one of my best friends, Robert, and I wrote a short series of near-stream-of-consciousness prose. And if you knew anything about what goes on within our respective conscious minds, you would run in terror.

At any rate, I was digging through an online archive of the web (kind of circular, don’t you think?) and came across my old website from high school c.1998. This waste of webspace contained one small but excellent section dedicated to said brain-drippings from Robert and myself. I promptly copied them to a text file for posterity, and decided to post them on this website to once again share the demented nature of my friend and me.

That’s it.

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