I’m pretty jazzed, in an extraordinarily nerdy fashion…

See, this week I’ve been in UNIX training, paid for by work. The guy who teaches the class is everything I’d expect from somebody who spends all his time in this world…and I like that. Today, he asked us (the three of us in the class) if anyone had a spare box (computer) lying around. I said I did, and so he suggested that I bring it into the classroom tomorrow. Basically, he’s going to install the latest version of Redhat Fedora Core 4 on my machine.

Why am I jazzed about this?

Because this guy’s a freakin’ professional, and he’s certainly going to do a far better job configuring my machine for Linux than my sorry arse did. This means I’ll finally have a stable, powerful development environment for learning some of the stuff I’ve been meaning to.

Woot. Hooray for nerds!